Lucy Boynton is now a fiery redhead and it’s a major transformation – see photos +2023

Just when you think our obsession with red, copper, and auburn hair has subsided, another person in the public eye reignites the trend and suddenly we’re all obsessed again. Lucy Boynton is the latest star to swap peroxide blonde locks for a fiery copper hue — a look she debuted at the premiere of her latest film. the light blue eye, on December 14th.

Lucy Boynton’s rich auburn hair color added a subtle touch to her angelic, vintage-inspired white dress. The key to getting the right hair color — no matter the shade — is making sure it lifts skin tone, rather than washing it out. Lucy’s new shade does just that, drawing attention to her green eyes and adding a pretty, pale and interesting touch to her aesthetic.


Gilbert Flores/Getty Images

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