“Love the role…” fans sarcastically troll Prince Harry and Meghan Markle amid trailer release +2023

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have always been completely honest when it comes to speaking in interviews. Contrary to age-old British tabloids that demand royals remain silent on the complex palace affair, Harry and Meghan have been refreshingly candid. However, with fame comes hate.

The internet is deeply divided between Team Royals and Team Sussexes. While the Duke and Duchess have millions of supporters who seem to reflect the couple’s pain and suffering, the other side has subjected them to a thick blanket of criticism and backlash. No sooner has the official Netflix YouTube channel released the minute-long trailer of Harry and Meganas the outraged media launched a verbal attack on the couple.

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YouTubers troll trends after the release of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s trailer

As Twitter tears the Duke and Duchess of Sussex apart, YouTubers have been trolling the pair in a trend. Below the highly anticipated docuseries’ recently released trailer segment, YouTube users spammed the comments section and dragged everything out of the video. What started as a meme 12 years ago is now used as a troll phrase for the Sussexes post the trailer release. For the layman, the meme phrase officially started trending a decade ago. Dark members of the internet use this to state the obvious from a piece of information.

Hours after the trailer was released, thousands of comments were uploaded with the meme phrase, and counting.I love the part where…“From demeaning remarks about strained relations with the palace to her renunciation, haters have said it all. A comment that attracted the most likes even makes a direct shot at Netflix. It said: “I love the part where Netflix actually has the balls to leave the comments open. It’s pure gold.

Some users even focused their remarks on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s stand for “structural racism.They sarcastically commented that the Duchess never invited any of her mother’s family members over. Her desire for “privacy” also shot with satirical remarks. A YouTuber also slammed them for ignoring Markle’s parents while preaching a message of compassion to the world.

All in all, users didn’t miss a single opportunity to call the Sussexes. It remains to be seen how the world will react when the official documentary series finally arrives.

What do you think of all these comments? Do you agree with the trolls?

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