Love Island USA Season 1: Where are they now? +2023

island of love United States of America Season 1 was added to Netflix on December 1st, and many people have already raced through the 22-episode season. The reality series may be new to Netflix, but the first season aired on CBS back in 2019. With that in mind, you might be curious as to where the candidates are today in 2022. As always, we’ve got you covered!

Love Island USA is the American counterpart to the British original series. It’s a dating game show starring a group of single people dubbed the islanders living in isolation in a mansion whose goal is to try and win a $100,000 cash prize by teaming up and to the end survive the competition. But it’s not just a competition. The islanders are also looking for love. But it’s not easy to find the one when everyone looks like they just walked off the catwalk. Yes, everyone looks good!

in the Love Island USA Season 1 was the couple that won the grand prize, a couple who chose each other on day one of the competition and stuck it out to the end. However, they didn’t last long as a couple after they left the show. In fact, none of the top four pairs could make it work. That’s shocking, isn’t it? So, what are the show’s top four former couples 2022? Here’s what we know.

Elizabeth Weber and Zac Mirabelli from Love Island USA Season 1 now

Elizabeth and Zac were the couple that won Love Island USA Season 1 and walk away with the $100,000 cash prize. After leaving the show, they dated for a few months but broke up sometime in 2019. Zac was the first to go public with their split over a now deleted instagram story. Based on what Zac said on his Instagram story, the couple ended things on good terms. According to Zac, they broke up because they grew apart and had different interests. Elizabeth shared a similar sentiment about why they broke up through a now-deleted Instagram story. So it looks like their split was really mutual.

Today, Elizabeth is the co-host of the After Love Island Podcast with competitor Alexandra Stewart. She is also a volunteer for a nonprofit called I Stand With My Pack. It is an organization that helps save the lives of animals. She also works as a brand ambassador for several companies. You can find them on Instagram by the handle @ewebzz.

On the other hand, Zac currently lives in New York and works as a model. In March 2020, he signed with Ford Models. He also has a YouTube channel, but he hasn’t posted a new video since August 2021. You can find Zac on Instagram at @zacmirabelli.

Love Island USA’s Alexandra Stewart and Dylan Curry now

Alexandra and Dylan finished second love island USA Season 1. Like Elizabeth and Zac, however, Alexandra and Dylan called it quits shortly after the cameras stopped rolling. In November 2019, the former couple publicly announced their split via now-deleted Instagram Stories. According to Alexandra, they tried to make it work but felt better off as friends. She also mentioned that an injury played a role in their split.

Today Alexandra is co-moderator of the After Love Island Podcast with Elisabeth Weber. After I looked at her Instagram pageit seems that she is still close to some of her Love Island USA castmates. Dylan currently resides in San Diego, California, working on his fitness and living his best life. You can find him on Instagram at @dylancurry.

Love Island USA’s Caro Viehweg and Ray Gantt now

Caro and Ray were the fans’ favorite couple Love Island USA Season 1. They placed third and tried to make a long-distance relationship work after they left the show, but their relationship eventually ended. According to Caro, she broke up with Ray because she felt he wasn’t ready for a serious relationship. The former couple later appeared on MTV ex on the beachwhere viewers find out that Ray has cheated on Caro in the past.

Today Caro works as a model for FashionNova. She also has a successful one Youtube channel. You can find Caro on Instagram at @caroviee. Ray has also worked with FashionNova and other brands. Additionally, according to one, he appears to have graduated from college on April 7, 2022 Instagram post.

Love Island USA’s Emily Salch and Weston Richey now

Emily and Weston managed to make it to the finals Love Island USA Season 1, however, came in fourth place. They remained a couple after the show ended but ultimately ended things. Emily gave the reason for their breakup in a YouTube video. She mentions that she wasn’t the girl Weston wanted and that she was tired of wanting to change for him.

Today Emily works as a model for several brands. Weston is the CEO of his own content creation brand called XclusiV Productions, based in Dallas, Texas. You can find Emily on Instagram at @emilysalch and Weston at @westonrichey.

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