loose fit and boat neck

loose fit and boat neck +2023

As soon as we have seen Maribel Verdú’s latest look, we have not been able to resist sharing it with you because it is one of those to go with simple and elegant at the same time. The actress has shown us something that we love, which is that with a basic garment like a knitted dress and some black stockings you can have a great look.

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Maribel Verdú has shared an image from a kitchen that indicates that she was preparing to enjoy a dinner for which He has not left his look to improvisation. So he has left us an impeccable proposal for these plans that are now so present for lunch or dinner with family, friends and colleagues and for which it is best to go elegant but comfortable at the same time. Something for which you don’t need more than pull from the bottom of the closet. Look how ideal it is!

Maribel Verdu

Maribel Verdú in a knitted dress and black stockings.

Maribel Verdú’s knitted dress

For weeks we have been telling you that knitted dresses are among our essentials for each Autumn/Winter. They become that garment stylish, warm and easy to wear with which we make sure to show off our best version. Piluka de Echegaray, our personal image expert, stylist and fashion consultant, included them a few days ago among the garments with which to be comfortable and elegant in winter. In the case of the one that Maribel Verdú has worn, she has conquered us because of her color. Lilac is one of the trending tones it’s from the season. Rejuvenating, with a good-looking and flattering effect, she has worn this color in a knitted dress that suits her perfectly. Also, she loves how she has played with the round neck leaving one of his bare shouldersa way of wearing it with an original and sensual touch.

And as an idea, what we liked the most is that Maribel Verdú has shown us that a knitted dress can be reinvented. Although we are used to seeing them in daily looks, because they are perfect for off-road days, now the actress has made it clear that a knitted dress is also a great ally for fixed looks. The key is how to combine it. With black stockings and high heels the lookazo is more than assured.

Maribel Verdú combines her knitted dress with black stockings

These days we don’t stop talking about black stockings because they become the perfect accessory to complete outfits with elegance. In the case of a knitted dress, black tights are capable of giving it that sophisticated point with which to make them the ideal option for a formal plan. Also, Maribel Verdú has worn simple ones, without drawings or applications, demonstrating that it does not take more than this to have a winning mix.

Like shoes, the actress has played it safe and has worn some black stilettos. It is the most elegant classic shoe and in this way it has put the icing on the cake to this look with which it has been the most inspiration.

We copied the look with a knitted dress and black stockings by Maribel Verdú

We loved the look with a knitted dress and black stockings by Maribel Verdú, so we went quickly to copy it to bring it to you and that you too can imitate his proposal.

Lefties knitted dress
Lefties (REF-5652/307/602)
Calzedonia Black Tights
Calzedonia (REF-MIC049)
black salons
The English Court (REF-001017833100013)
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