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Chenoa has been celebrating. The singer has attended Natalia’s birthday, her partner from Triumph operationand for the occasion He has not left his look to improvisation. Taking advantage of the fact that we are in December, she has opted for a dress that has one of the great trends of the moment, the one with glitter and sequins. With his proposal, she has left us a look that is the maximum inspiration for Christmas.

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Chenoa’s sequined dress, ideal for Christmas

Chenoa has worn a dress that is elegant, original and that feels great. The singer has put on one of those garments with which she makes sure shine at events that are to come these days.

Chenoa in a Christmas dress

On the one hand, this dress is a success because of its color, because black is always a yes. If there is a color synonymous with elegance, sophistication and that never goes out of style, this is it. The artist always includes it in her looks, both casual and party, because she knows that it is perfect for look stylized and hit for sure.

On the other hand, Chenoa’s dress is ideal thanks to its sparkles and star applications. As we mentioned, it is the best time to give all the prominence to these details that are present throughout the garment. She has worn them perfectly with this proposal so original.

Regarding the shape, Chenoa’s dress could not be more flattering. It is one of those that suits everyone and that also stylizes. It does so thanks to its halter neck, capable of sophisticating any proposal, thanks to the fact that it is cinched at the waist, since it continues in flight afterwards. Something that makes it a dress of those that stylizes the waist area to the maximum and that later has a most flattering movement.

How to wear Chenoa’s Christmas dress

To give all the prominence to her dress, Chenoa has chosen to wear hair up. Halter neck garments look great with hairstyles of this type because this way the neck is exposed and captures all eyes. We remind you that the halter neckline is the one that reaches the neck, leaving the shoulders exposed. It is a type of neckline that, unlike the previous one, pays all the attention to the shoulder area, so it is ideal if you have narrow ones. The drawback is that it shortens the neck so if you have it short, it is better to do without it.

As for shoes, Chenoa has played it safe and has put on jewel heeled shoes with which he has finished off this party look perfectly.

With this black dress with sequins, Chenoa has joined some of the tips that we gave you a few days ago on how to dress elegantly at a Christmas dinner. We told you that for a sure hit, the ideal is to opt for simple, classic and elegant garments. We also told you that a black dress, whether short or long, never fails. And that this year it is a trend to avoid pieces that are too daring and extravagant. With all this, it perfectly complies with the Christmas look that the singer has left us.

Chenoa in halter dress

Black halter neck dresses like Chenoa’s

For all these issues, we have gotten down to work to copy dresses like Chenoa’s. Here we bring you a selection discount black halter neck dresses so you look elegant at these parties. In addition, some are perfect to be part of your most elegant wardrobe beyond Christmas.

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Black halter neck dress
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