Lizzo became the Grinch with green hair, a striped bodysuit and a corset – see photos +2023

It’s the season for a new look and Lizzo temporarily transforms into a very glamorous Grinch. During her performance at iHeartMusic Jingle Ball 2022, Lizzo revealed her Christmas makeover.

As a singer shared via a TikTokShe began her performance in a sparkling red coat. She paired the seasonal attire with a green wig and bright red hair accessory. She stepped up to the microphone and said: “I feel awful for hiding a secret from all of you. Actually, I’m not Mrs. Claus. I’m the Grinch!”

Lizzo then removed her red coat to reveal a striped green bodysuit. Over the colorful body, Lizzo wore a chained corset with hanging straps and green feather pieces. she took a closer look at TikTok followers at ‘Fit in a video, dancing to Shelby Swain’s “Mrs. Grinch.”

Kevin Kane

The TikTok also highlighted Lizzo’s vibrant eyeshadow, which featured multiple shades of Grinch green. She sported a more neutral lip but added the Grinch theme with a green manicure.

Lizzo’s stint as the Grinch may have been temporary, but the followers are eager for me. TikTok users are clamoring for a Lizzo Christmas carol and others can’t get over the singer’s seizure. “That’s what the word slay was for,” wrote one follower. Another user had the perfect nickname, writing “OMG GRIZZO”.

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