Liquid brown is the hair color that will give your hair the most light in winter +2023

The ombre highlights waves californian they don’t work as well when it gets cold as they do in the summer season. For this reason, we focus on the colors that add the most shine to our hair in the coldest months. And more specifically to hair color brown that brings more light to your hair in winter.

However the brown hair It cries out for a little more depth at this time of year so as not to look flat. and shades like expensive brown either beautiful brunettethe soft brunette They are searches that do not stop growing in Google to try on our next visits to the hairdresser. Browns always favor and contrast with all skin types and also have the effect of thicker hair and dense versus lighter blondes that require more maintenance and treatments to look perfect. And if we talk about the brown trend that brings more shine and luminosity to your hair, without a doubt, that is the liquid brown and we tell you what it consists of and how to ask your hairdresser for it.

What does liquid chestnut consist of?

The liquid brown hair color trend was invented by colorists Zo Irwin Y nicola clarke of John Frieda. And it’s nothing more than a dark brown with a touch of warmth and a lot of shine like a deep chocolate full of light. The key to this color trend it is that the mane looked almost humid and that it reflects due to its luminosity.

The advantages of liquid chestnut

The differences between the chestnut normal or normal and liquid brown is that the latter is multidimensional and gives the hair a special shine with multiple shades like undyed virgin brown hair. And in the liquid chestnut shades very close to our natural base are worked and a gloss treatment is added to the upper part of the hair for a spectacular finish.

How do you get the liquid brown color?

The technique to achieve liquid brown is different for each person depending on the skin tone and the hair texture. Darker tones can be used at the root and other areas of the hair to make our hair and our features stand out with this new tone. And then, bet on clearer reflections of medium to hair tips to soften the look. Even bet on one semi-permanent coloring to make the color look even more transparent. And to increase the shine and achieve that light-from-within look, it can be tinted for more light reflection. With this trend, the brightness is as important as color. Since the shades are closer to a natural tone (as opposed to bleached blondes), this helps to reflect light.

Reasons to switch to liquid brown

  1. It adapts to all hair types as long as they are some kind of brown.
  2. Enhances skin color making it as luminous as your mane by being a multidimensional color.
  3. Low maintenance since even if your roots grow, it works with your hair tone. You only need to use shampoo and conditioner for colored hair that do not contain sulfates and that do not weaken your hair.
  4. Ideal to combine with a good make-up. If you’ve moved on to liquid brown, you’ll love to try a eyelinerlip glosses and lipstick in powerful, flattering shades and a rouge smooth.

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