Lipgloss Nails: The nail polish trend 2023 is so easy

Lipgloss Nails: The nail polish trend 2023 is so easy +2023

Lip Gloss Nails The simple nail trend for at home

Lipgloss Nails: The nail trend is so easy

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Beautiful nails without much effort? With the Lipgloss Nails this is possible, because thanks to the right nail polish you can conjure up well-groomed nails in no time.

One nail polish trend follows the next. Having left baby boomer nails, glazed donut nails and stiletto nail designs behind, now that awaits simple elegance to us. And it is even beautiful with every nail length! This new trend is called lip gloss nails and is very popular with nail design fans. It is unobtrusive and yet elegant, because the finish is strongly reminiscent of a non-pigmented lip gloss – only on the nails. We will now tell you how you can get the glossy nails at home yourself and what you need for this.

What do I need for the lip gloss nails?

It doesn’t take much to get the look of the lip gloss nails. Only two different paints are necessary to conjure up the gloss effect on the nails. For the basis you need a milky nail polish, i.e. one that is neither completely opaque nor a colorless one. For example, this is best “mademoiselle” by Essie, which has a light pink undertone.

But other brands also have nail polishes that color the nail slightly pink:

As a second nail polish you need a clear coat. Here you can make a simple one top coat use. For the ultimate glossy look, however, there is one gel setters which makes the nails shine even more.

How do I get the result at home?

The Ligloss Nails are very easy to imitate. The required nail polishes are in front of you? Then you can start.

  1. It starts with the milky varnish. Apply it to the nail and leave it on for approx. dry for ten minutes.
  2. Then comes the second layer if you want to achieve a slightly covering effect. Again, let this layer dry for ten minutes.
  3. After waiting, wash your hands with cool water. Pat dry gently and wait two minutes.
  4. Now that follows gel setters, which you apply generously to your nails. Due to its viscous consistency, the drying time can be a little longer here. So wait up to 30 minutes – perfect for a bit of wellness.

How do I remove the nail polish again?

Since normal nail polish is mainly used for lip gloss nails, removing the polish is also not a problem. You just use one for that non-acetone nail polish remover and a cotton pad. If you have trouble removing it, choose one Remover with acetoneso that you can definitely remove the three layers of nail polish and the gel setter.

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