Lil Nas X presents his first tattoo


Lil Nas X presents his first tattoo +2023

This generation’s pop-rap icon, Lil Nas X, finally bit the bullet and got his first tattoo — an Aries sign on his right wrist, inspired by his debut album Montero.

The post is captioned “juh got my first tattoo,” with the location set to Barcelona, ​​Spain, one of Lil Na’s stops on his current path Long live the Montero Tour. In the first slide, the rapper gets the tattoo done while wearing a vibrant green puffer jacket, looking like he’s either belting out the chorus to “Industry Baby,” letting out a huge yawn, or peeing his pants in pain want. Although executed in black ink, the icon is shaded in an iridescent style to reflect the album’s chrome aesthetic.

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