Life of Crime – Tattoo Ideas, Artists and Models


Life of Crime – Tattoo Ideas, Artists and Models +2023

Interview by Dominic Ciambrone
Photos by Dominic Ciambrone
Photographer’s Assistant: Bryam Villacres
Key makeup by Dominique Lerma

It all started with doodles. You know, those totally mindless little drawings we all make in the margins of our papers when we’re bored. For Crime, doodling was much more than just a pastime, it was an all-encompassing passion from which he rose into the art world. Dominic Ciambrone sat down with Crime to talk about his artistic journey, the importance he places on famous architecture and more.

How did you get into art?

From fifth grade on I always doodled on my papers and I eventually got each of my teachers used to seeing my doodles on my papers. They wouldn’t complain as long as they could see the work, whatever it was. If it was a story we had to write, or even a math or science test, I would scribble on it and then they would be okay with it.

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