Lidl has the perfect anti-aging BB Cream for mature skin that seeks to blur wrinkles +2023

In the Lidl perfumery section we can find products that have become authentic jewels for many. One of those products is Cien Anti-Aging BB Cream that instantly puts on a good face and ticks the must-haves for skincare. And its price? only 3.29 euros. Yes, very top.

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The BB cream has been formulated to treat skin that needs something more than to unify the face. That’s why It is designed for dull skin who seek to improve skin tone and cover small imperfections while smoothing the texture and blur wrinkles. All this without missing a good dose of hydration that leaves the skin elastic and juicy throughout the day.

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So we are talking about a BB Cream with an anti-aging effect that from the first moment your face changes and protects your skin. Also has SPF 15Although it is not a very high rate, it is not bad for day-to-day use and more so in winter.

Their coverage is medium and leave a light and fresh finish. For those who need to cover more pronounced marks, they probably need a concealer to apply in those more problematic areas, like these low-cost concealers that last all day. Without at doubt it is the best way to completely unify the face and not saturate the product. But if, on the contrary, you don’t have many imperfections, with this BB Cream the coverage will be enough.

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Plus there’s available in two shades, to best adapt to different skin types. So it is a good supermarket option if we are looking for an effective product without having to spend too much.

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