Leroy Merlin has the solution to hide the unsightly base of the Christmas tree and give it realism, for just over 20 euros +2023

movies tend to set unrealistic expectationsnot only in romantic relationships, but also in things as routine as the decor of the house, specifically the Christmas-themed one.

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Who more and who less has dreamed of decorating the living room at home with an impressive real size fir -and real in general- but he has come face to face with reality when he has assembled his little synthetic folding tree. And if there is something subtracts veracity to this very important element in Christmas decoration, is undoubtedly the base.

They tend to be crossed plastic legs, unrealistic and generally unsightly. The good news is that we have found the ideal solution to camouflage them And besides, it’s cheap.


It’s about this jute base by Leroy Merlin that with a simple gesture, gives realism to our tree and hide the hideous paws. We have it in Leroy Merlin with measurements of 57×28 centimeters -for a medium tree- for 21.99 euros.

Base for Christmas tree jute fort 57x28 cm

Base for Christmas tree jute fort 57×28 cm

An extra touch of light


And if we want to throw the house out the window, we can add to the equation this set of three gift boxes with LED lights in three different sizes, a way to further decorate the base and make it more cozy by 31.99 €25.99.

Set of figures of gift boxes with LED light 15- 20-25 cm

Set of figures of gift boxes with LED light 15- 20-25 cm

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Photos | Pexels, Leroy Merlin.

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