Leroy Merlin has the cheap and easy to assemble utensil kit with which the kitchen is always tidy

Leroy Merlin has the cheap and easy to assemble utensil kit with which the kitchen is always tidy +2023

Although space is usually a problem in almost every corner of a house, it is usually the kitchen cabinets that would win the competition. Many times, they simply do not give more of themselves. However, the secret of order does not lie so much in expanding the storage space but in make better use of what we already have. For this, there are accessories on the market that specifically help us to keep everything tidy while optimizing the possibilities of each shelf and corner without taking up much space.

Leroy Merlin has the solution to organize pot and pan lids without taking up space in cabinets or countertops

Following this line, we have found in Leroy Merlin a set of three steel bars with a chrome finish and wall fixing that allows us to have our utensils organized and perfect. And it is that, thanks to its measurements of 53.5 x 21.5 centimeters, in very little space we can place up to 16 different utensilsincluding a roll of kitchen paper.

Just as you read it… It consists of: a basket, a spice rack, a jar holder, a kitchen paper holder and hooks and wall-fixing brackets. In this way, the kit facilitates the have cooking tools on hand that we use the most in our day to day, leaving free space in the cabinets and the countertop.

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In addition to all this, it has another great detail that makes it an essential item for our kitchen and that is that it is made of easy placementso anyone can assemble it in the blink of an eye.

Last but not least is its very attractive price. And we can get this kit in the French chain for only 15.79 euros. A win taking into account, above all, the peace of mind and the quality of life that order brings about.

Wall kit set of 16 pieces 53.5 cm

Wall kit set of 16 pieces 53.5 cm

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