Leonor and Sofía star in the royal Christmas greeting with a comfy look +2023

Like every year, the royal family has congratulated Christmas through an image in which nothing is left to improvisation. This time, the kings Felipe and Letizia have decided to give all the prominence to his daughters Princess Leonor and Infanta Sofía. The sisters appear in a picture in which they show their union and their complicity, and we could not help but notice their looks as soon as we have seen it. Because for this tradition, Leonor and Sofía have worn their most comfy looks with sweaters, one of them from Zara, and jeans.

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Leonor and Sofía bet on basics

We loved the looks that Princess Leonor and Infanta Sofía have worn because they are made up of basic wardrobe essentials that look good at any age. These sets that the daughters of the Kings have worn, could well be worn by Queen Letizia when she wears the most casual version of her. So we have already gone to sign basic sweaters like these because they are versatile, tasty and warm for this time of year. We tell you which one each of them has worn so that you can sign them now.

Eleanor and Sofia
Real home

Princess Leonor’s cable-knit sweater

In the case of Princess Leonor, she has carried an ecru sweater. It is a garment that you will be able to wear for years because it is one of those that never goes out of style. Because of its color, because it is smooth and because of its fabric with eights, it becomes one of those signings that is very worthwhile to create an impeccable wardrobe. In addition, the princess of Asturias has shown that it is ideal with jeans. It does not take more than a pair of jeans, if applicable light, to leave all the prominence to this garment with which it has created a whole need for us. We have copied a similar one from the Tintoretto firm available at El Corte Inglés for 59.99 euros.

Sweater from El Corte Inglés
The English Court (REF-001029431306058)

Infanta Sofía’s Zara striped sweater

In the case of the Infanta Sofía, it has led a basic knitted sweater from Zara available for 39.95 euros. A garment that we are sure will go viral because it has everything to succeed. Comfortable, easy to combine, with a classic print that always favors… It is an oversized sweater with round neck, side slits, and horizontal striped print in navy blue. In his case, he has combined it with dark jeans, a super flattering mix and very easy to imitate.

Zara knit jumper
Zara (REF-3519/124)

With all this, Princess Leonor and Infanta Sofía They have once again bet on Spanish fashion in a low cost key. In many of their appearances, the daughters of Felipe and Letizia wear clothes by designers or firms from our country to show their support for the industry. And we love that this time they have done it through wardrobe basics that we can all wear. in our daily looks.

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