Leni and Heidi Klum celebrate Christmas in such a sensual way +2023

Leni + Heidi Klum
That’s how sensually they celebrate Christmas

Leni and Heidi for Intimissimi Christmas

Leni and Heidi for Intimissimi Christmas


The fashion and beauty news of the day in the BRIGITTE ticker: Leni and Heidi Klum for Intimissimi +++ The sleeping hairstyle for perfectly styled hair in the morning.

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November 29, 2022

Leni and Heidi Klum present Intimissimi Christmas collection

You’re doing it again! Leni and Heidi Klum were introduced as new brand ambassadors for the lingerie label in autumn, and now the mother-daughter duo is also presenting the Christmas collection. And the same is sensual. The pieces belonging to the collection are mainly kept in the most Christmassy of all colors: red. Whether comfortable pajamas made of elegant silk or sexy lingerie with elaborate details such as chains and appliqués – everything shines in the sensual color.

Leni and Heidi for Intimissimi Christmas

Leni and Heidi for Intimissimi Christmas


Mother and daughter once again posed for the campaign photos. Heidi and Leni snuggle up to each other, have their eyes closed, sitting on a chair, not only presenting the Christmas pieces from the collection, but also their dream bodies. The collection is once again aimed at all women – regardless of age, fit and style.

November 28, 2022

Thanks to sleeping hairstyle for the perfect morning look

We like to take our time for hair styling. It just takes a little time to get the perfectly casual beach waves that don’t show the effort you’ve put into them. And the next morning? Is the whole look gone? waste of time! It only takes a simple trick to make the wavy work of art on your head look perfect the next day. How it works? With a simple sleeping hairstyle that beauty guru Frau Beauty shows us on Instagram.

To do this, you must first divide your hair into two sections. You then share it again. Now it’s time to twirl – in the direction in which the curl was originally twisted. Wrap the two twisted strands around each other and pin the resulting braid to the top of your head. Do the same with the other section of hair. And you can be sure to wake up the next morning with perfectly styled loose waves.

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