Laura Escanes premieres a solo podcast and does so with a very cool lingerie look

Laura Escanes premieres a solo podcast and does so with a very cool lingerie look +2023

Laura Escanes is the girl of the moment and all her movements without a follow-up to the millimeter -especially after announcing her break with Risto Mejide-. After leave the podcast that she had started with her ex-partner, the influencer returns at Christmas with new solo format. Together with Paula Gonu as a guest, Laura delights us with a look capable of making anyone fall in love. With a two-piece pajama styleThis style has not gone unnoticed.

Laura Escanes shows that if you add this hairstyle and this makeup you get a lifting effect that takes years off
A Friday look by Tamara Falcó

A two-piece satin piece capable of dressing us to go to the street or to bed

It’s not a novelty: satin pajama-style outfits have been in style for many years, however its presence in street style has increased in recent seasons and characters like Kendall Jenner have given it visibility. With designs for all tastes and colors, the Spanish woman has opted for a sky blue satin option. Printed and with the shirt open, the look was seasoned with a cropped top style bandeau sky blue wool and white sports shoes.

It’s about a outfits very cool and good vibes capable of making a difference in our day to day. As we have already detailed, we see this outfit in the first program of her new podcast “Between the sky and the clouds”, with Paula Gonu as invaded and talks openly about how her daughter Roma is dealing with the separation.

She wears the same outfit as Laura Escanes

Knowing that influencers usually have a closet full of luxury garments within the reach of very few, this outfit is suitable for our pocket (if what we want is to treat ourselves a little). Signed by Nomonorm (a brand that once conquered Melyssa Pinto), this look can be ours in a wide range of shades.

Look Laura Scans Nomonorm 01

While the sky blue version “Baby Blue” has been created by Dulceida, this one closely resembles the version of “Bubble Blue” created by Tripfásicas. In addition, we can also opt for a fuchsia pink version (designed by Laura Eguizabal) or an intense green (under the Marta Soriano seal), among other options.

Look Laura Scans Nomonorm 03

for sale by 169 eurowe can also choose the color of the logo -if applicable, white-.

Photos | instagram @lauraescanes, @podimo_esNomonorm

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