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Kody Brown and Janelle Brown got down to business as the family met to discuss holiday plans this week sister wives. Janelle told Kody she wasn’t spending Thanksgiving with family so she could visit her kids in North Carolina. She also shared that her children got a vacation home in Arizona for Christmas, where they plan to spend the holidays. This was news to Kody, but Janelle explained that the rationale was that the couple’s sons, Gabriel and garrisonAt Christmas, she didn’t feel welcome at Kody and Robyn’s.

“Kody basically told them they can’t come for Christmas unless they apologize big and they’re like, well, no, we’re not going to do that,” Janelle shared. Gabe and Garrison’s issues with Kody stemmed from the strict rules he sought to enforce within the family amid the coronavirus pandemic. The boys didn’t follow Kody’s guidelines, resulting in Kody not spending time with them because of the COVID risk factor.

kody brown
Kody Brown on the December 11 episode of “Sister Wives.” (TLC)

“The issues between me, Gabriel and Garrison essentially have to do with a lack of support or compliance with COVID protocols,” Kody explained. “Janelle didn’t support me, so they didn’t support me.” Janelle told Kody that Gabriel and Garrison weren’t the only kids struggling with how he was handling the COVID situation, and he was upset that they and the children talked about him behind his back.

Janelle felt caught in the middle and had to decide whether to spend Christmas with Kody or the kids. In the meantime, Robyn Brown really wanted Kody and the boys to work things out so they could all be together.

Janelle Brown
Janelle Brown on the December 11 episode of Sister Wives. (TLC)

“I sometimes think Janelle played me against the boys or never supported me with the boys,” Kody insisted. “I have a hard time feeling like she’s not betraying me. I’m not saying you have to apologize to me. I’ve corrected that many times. But it’s almost like she told them so [I said] to warm me up to what’s going on.”

Kody urged Robyn and Meri Brown weighing the situation because he couldn’t see what was bothering him so much about the situation and wanted to know if they were bothering them too. Meri admitted to Janelle that she thought Kody had made it clear at a previous meeting that he didn’t need the boys to apologize to him, but Janelle was still convinced that Kody was waiting for an apology before going with Gabe and Garrison continued. Kody was extremely frustrated with the misunderstandings because Janelle had told the boys what he originally said [about needing the apology]but didn’t fill it in when he corrected himself.

Janelle said she just wanted Kody and the boys to figure things out, but Kody made it clear that he felt SHE was also responsible for the drama. “They never enforced the COVID rules [so they didn’t either]’ Kody said. “You actually belittled the stuff I did.” That was an argument Kody had with Bot Janelle and Christine Brown countless times. Janelle continued to defend the fact that she was following all CDC guidelines, she just didn’t get as intense as following Kody’s guidelines.

Kody, who was recently recovering from a bad bout of COVID, became extremely frustrated and started yelling at Janelle. “I can’t believe I did all this to save you. To save my children!” he scolded. “I tried to protect her and I get criticism from THEM and my boys. The worst criticism. zero respect. I was persecuted by my own family for 18 months for trying to protect them. My heart is broken.”

At this point, Janelle got up to leave the conversation. “I don’t have to stand here and defend myself,” she said. “It’s the same old argument. I don’t need to be beaten into submission. I just am not. I’m not going to stand here and get yelled at. I don’t deserve it.” Janelle was in tears when Kody tried to get her to stay, but she explained that she didn’t want to be yelled at. Robyn finally got everyone to agree to continue the discussion.

“I really apologize,” Kody admitted. “But every time we start talking about this stuff, I’m about to lose myself. I know the weight better now than ever.” The conversation ended with Janelle telling Kody that she didn’t want to be between him and the kids anymore. She told him they needed to work it out with a counselor because she couldn’t bear to be the middle man. He apologized again.

“I’m in a dark place here with plural marriage and I’m really wondering if it’s a good idea or if it’s working,” Kody concluded. “Maybe we did something wrong on the track. I don’t want to blame plural marriage, but it just hasn’t worked out well for us.” Janelle added, “We’ve never had divisions this deep. Christine is gone and this is a very big departure from what our family was like for many years. I think it’s the ultimate test for our family. Can we hold it together?

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