“Knives Out 2” worth $400 million and Daniel Craig earned a better “glass onion” box office ahead of Netflix


“Knives Out 2” worth $400 million and Daniel Craig earned a better “glass onion” box office ahead of Netflix +2023

The end of 2022 will bring us a glorious Netflix experience. Most importantly, Netflix lovers will finally have the most awaited sequel to the Oscar-winning film knife outcalled glass onion. The streaming giant has finally decided to bring us the film three years after the release of its first installment.

The film will technically be released in the US, but it’s a theatrical release. The worst part is that even though it will be released in theaters, it will only be there for a week as Netflix will be releasing it next month.

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Why is Glass Onion so clueless compared to Knives Out?

knife out, released by Lionsgate, grossed $27 million in its first weekend in the US. It later made $165 million there and $312 million worldwide on a tight $40 million budget. Given the success, Netflix bought the rights to not one, but two sequels for $400 million in 2021.

It naturally fell into the streaming giant’s hands to have full control over the release of the sequels. So on the one hand where knife out grossed $312 million, glass onion is nowhere near. The estimated budget for glass onion is also around $40 million, but couldn’t make as much as the first installment as Netflix only got it in theaters for a week.

The film is the sequel to an award-winning crime classic. So it was natural for glass onion to attract audiences to the theater. However, the critically acclaimed mystery film is believed to have done well in its limited theatrical run, grossing as much as $13 million (according to The Hollywood Reporter) in its one-week run in around 600 cinemas.

To Black Panther: Wakanda Forever and Disney’s new animated film strange world, glass onion would have been the third highest-grossing film of the weekend. If the film had been in the cinemas longer, it would certainly have been at the top.

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Let’s hope this masterpiece gets more attention once it releases on Netflix. glass onion expected to be released on December 23rd.

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