King Charles II could do the same thing to Meghan Markle and Prince Harry as he did to Princess Diana +2023

The King is at the mercy of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Harry and Meghan, along with the entire royal family. The tell-all six-part docu-series is ready to reach raving fans in just a few hours. Reasonably, it has created an atmosphere of fear and concern around Buckingham Palace. Concerned about this, the monarchy’s protectors appear to be very alert to any forthcoming truth bombs from the self-banished couple.

Earlier reports said the sovereigns would not hesitate to provide quick and solid answers to false allegations against the royal family. According to reports, the future king, Prince William, and the queen-in-waiting, Catherine Middleton, will form a united front against the Sussexes amid the release of the docu-series. The latest news has claimed that King Charles would not hesitate to counter the Duke and Duchess either.

King Charles threatens Harry and Meghan with the same treatment as Princess Diana

Corresponding GB news, Royal Experts have revealed King Charles’ next steps to safeguard the integrity of the palace. Michael Cole has claimed that “Gloves are off” the hand of the king. He coined a new term for the struggle of families as Bare knuckle fights between the Windsors and the Sussexes. Discussing Prince Harry’s upcoming memoir, Cole warned the couple not to shed their remaining titles. He could take away the title of Duke and Duchess as it stripped the former Princess of Wales of the HRH title.

Later in the interview, he explained that Harry and Meghan’s upcoming reveal projects could prove overly explosive. In this case, the king would completely cut off the already sidelined pair. It seems that the prince’s hypothetical fears might eventually come true as history would inevitably repeat itself. The palace had a strikingly painful reaction to Princess Diana. Likewise, he could repeat the same thing with Harry and Meghan. So Charles has an option there.

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