Kate Winslet reveals the question her agent was asked when she was younger: ‘What’s her weight?’


Kate Winslet reveals the question her agent was asked when she was younger: ‘What’s her weight?’ +2023

Kate Winslet has been in the spotlight for decades, during which she has endured her fair share of pressure and criticism about her looks. During a recent interview with The Sunday Times, the titanic The actress opened up about some of the less than happy memories from her earlier acting days, recalling in particular the fixation on her body.

“When I was younger, my agent would get calls saying, ‘What’s her weight?'” Winslet told the outlet, adding that now she’s more concerned with being “that actor who’s moving his face and has a body that wobbles.”

With her 22-year-old daughter, Mia Threapleton, also entering the acting industry, Winslet is particularly attuned to aspects of Hollywood that have changed since she began acting — including the increasing struggles with celebrity privacy now that social media is there such a fundamental part of everyone’s life.

“It was hard enough to have the turning News from all over the world on my doorstep, but that’s not even enough now,” Winslet said. “The phrase that ‘today’s news is tomorrow’s fish-and-chips newspaper’ doesn’t exist.”

She added: “The thing you did when you were drunk or when you were stupid? It may come back to haunt you. Being wary of young actors is another matter. It must be extraordinarily hard.”

Winslet stars in the British TV movie alongside Threapleton I am Ruth where the two play mother and daughter grappling with a strained relationship caused by the complexities of everyday society – namely the impact of social media on Threapleton’s character.

When continuing BBC One’s Sunday with Laura Kuenssberg, The Oscar-winning actress had nothing but praise for her daughter’s performance.

“I was just so blown away by her,” Winslet told Per persons. “I mean, she didn’t need my help at all.”

She continued, “Sometimes I could show her a technical trick here and there. Just little things I picked up along the way, like changing an eye line… Little things like that nobody teaches you. And she appreciated the stuff.”

You know the saying: Like mother, like daughter! It might not be long before Threapleton picks up her own Oscar.

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