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Daughter of Kate Hudson's fiance

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Kate Hudson is not a fan of conformity when it comes to parenting. The 43-year-old actress opened up about raising three children with three different men in a Nov. 27 conversation The Sunday Times and said she thinks they would “kill” it. She explained: “It might not look traditional from the outside, but inside I feel like we’re killing it. The unit that I have created with three children from three different fathers is a really strong unit and it is ours.”

The Golden Globe-winning actress shares sons Ryder Robinson18 and Bingham Bellamy11, and daughter, Rani Fujikawa, 3, with two former partners and her fiancé. She had met Ryder in 2004 with her ex-husband, the Black Crowes frontman, Chris Robinson. Bingham was born to Kate and her ex-fiancé, the lead singer of Muse Matt Bellamy 2011 and Rani joined the actress and her now-fiancé in 2018. Danny Fujikawa.

Daughter of Kate Hudson and Danny Fujikawa
Kate Hudson and Danny Fujikawa stroll with their daughter Rani in Rome, Italy (Picture: MEGA)

“I’m not interested in forcing a conventional notion of love or marriage,” she continued in their candid conversation. “I’d like to be able to grow intimate with my partner for a long time, but I don’t wear rose-colored glasses either. My goal in life is that I want to feel love and give love, but I’m also practical, so one day at a time. I work really hard on relationships because I like them.”

Although she doesn’t feel the need to have a traditional relationship or family that music Star went on to praise her mother Goldie Hawn77, and her partner for over 30 years, Kurt Russell71. “My parents did a great job of continuing this dance,” she said.

Kate has no relationship with her biological father, Bill Hudson, and has looked up to Kurt as a father her entire life. “[Bill Hudson] don’t know me from a hole in the wall. But I do not care. I have a father [Russell],” She said vanity fair in a 2000 interview (via HuffPost). “Bottom line, you’re calling your kids on their frigging birthday. I’m glad I had a father who was there on my birthday.”

As for the fathers of their first two children, the Something borrowed The actress said she has strong relationships with them. “Ryder is in college and very happy. Chris and I just have to stop by every now and then,” she noted. “Matt is so wonderful – I couldn’t have asked for a better co-parent. To me it’s like you loved that person. It doesn’t just go away, you can restore a different kind of love. You can have a great time with an ex because you really only focus on your child’s love.”

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