Kanye West posts sinister observation about Twitter boss Elon Musk and ex-US President Barack Obama in a rant on Instagram +2023

Kanye West controversies are piling up one after another. After splitting from his now ex-wife Kim Kardashian, Ye spread hate speech. His anti-Semitic comments resulted in him once again losing all business and his Twitter account. Recently, the new owner of the social media handle, Elon Musk, suspended Yes’s Twitter account for posting a swastika praise on his wall Adolf Hitler.

After his account was banned from Twitter, the rapper appeared on Instagram with a comment on Elon Musk. His commentary included the former President of the USA, Barack Obama, to. While Elon Musk was his longtime friend, albeit You have violated the Community Guidelines, he had to suspend Ye’s account. But what did you say about Musk and Obama?

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Kanye West takes to Instagram with a remark about Elon Musk

Referring to Elon Musk’s childhood pictures, the rapper posted his observation on his Instagram handle. He wrote wondering if he was the only one or if anyone else was thinking too Elon Musk must be half-Chinese. He also mentioned former President Barack Obama.

As he said, Musk could be a clone while Obama could be too. The rapper apologized for using swear words, but then went on to say he had no other words for the former POTUS. The caption mentions Kim Kardashian’s ex-husband Ye used Mark Zuckerberg’s platform to instigate a mass investigation from Elon Musk’s childhood photos. While writing this about Barack Obama and Elon Musk, the Twitter owner also responded to his comments.

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The business mogul said, “I’ll take that as a compliment!” While maintaining his calm, Elon Musk returned to the tweet while replying to the rapper himself. Amidst all this controversy, how do you think the rapper will survive? What do you think of the comments the rapper just made? Do you think there will be further consequences? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment box below.

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