Kanye West is stepping out of the Parler deal days after finalizing a pitched divorce from billionaire ex-wife Kim Kardashian +2023

There’s always a fine line that you must never cross when voicing your opinions about anything publicly. But Kanye West seems to have ignored such lines as he continues to create controversy for himself. Nobody knows what the rapper will do next, though A social media service ended the deal just a month after announcing it would finalize the deal with Ye.

After many fights, the rapper and Kim Kardashian finally divorced. Because of the general disagreement, the couple ended their marriage. In the midst of all this, Ye made some scathing remarks about the Jews. His anti-Semitic remarks led him to do so lose many of the big deals and partnerships along with his reputation. And now one more thing termination a beacon of hope act it has come to light.

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Kanye West loses another deal

In October, Parliament Technologies announced its partnership with Ye. Parlement Technologies, which rose during Trumpism, sees itself as a platform for free speech. This platform is rebellion against censorship in mainstream social media. But in November, Parler decided to end the deal with the rapper. The reason for this was because it was for the good of both parties.

When they announced their partnership with Ye, the company also included a statement. They said in a world where conservative opinions are seen as controversial comments; They had to make sure they had the right to express their feelings freely. Therefore, it would have been a perfect place for the American rapper to voice his opinions. The company also announced that The termination is mutual from both sides.

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When they first announced the partnership, Instagram and Twitter banned his accounts from making such hurtful comments. However, when he got his accounts back, Twitter’s new owner Elon Musk welcomed him back. Despite this, Ye continues with these comments praised Adolf Hitler and the Nazis. The rapper continues his unprofessional and controversial behavior while gradually losing partnerships. How do you think the rapper would survive if he continued to act like this?

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