K-pop idol AleXa talks all about style and beauty ahead of the 2022 Asia Artist Awards


K-pop idol AleXa talks all about style and beauty ahead of the 2022 Asia Artist Awards +2023

The 2000s style inspiration is here to stay, and K-pop idol AleXa could be its new official spokesperson. Having just won NBC’s reality competition show American song contest Already in May and after completing her first solo tour in October, the musician released the first single from her latest mini-album. girls have become vogue, proves she’s fully immersed in her space punk era. The music video for the track “Back in fashionfeatures a variety of layered outfits with leather miniskirts, collared shirts, studded gloves and patterned tights galore, strongly reminiscent of the 2000’s emo culture that has long been a part of AleXa’s style. “I love looking like I just got out of a hot topic. Punk, goth, emo, aesthetic – I love it all and have been wearing this style for a while,” says the pop star Teen Vogue. “This is definitely the track that has felt the most like me in my entire discography.”

AleXa stayed true to the aesthetic at the 2022 Asia Artist Awards, both on the red carpet and on stage. She walked the carpet in a two-piece black leather outfit paired with thigh-high black boots and accessorized with silver strands of jewelry down her neck, around her wrists and in her hair.

When it came time to perform, she got fashion ready by changing into a black snake-print bodysuit and a red-waisted structured skirt (which she theatrically removed mid-performance onstage). “The skirt is inspired by Moschino and looks really intricate and elegant,” shared AleXa. For her, this outfit means a new level of maturity in her stage presence. “This outfit makes me feel like I’m stepping into a new mature and sexy era for myself. It embodies that shift really well.” The look stayed the same for the rest of the night after her performance, even as she went back on stage to accept the 2022 AAA Icon Award.

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