Juice Skin is the secret to beautiful winter skin +2023

Juice Skin
The trend for beautiful winter skin

Juice Skin: The trend for beautiful winter skin

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Especially in winter, our skin is often sallow, pale and dry. But instead of the 100th layer of cream, let’s direct our gaze to the Far East. In Korea, winter skin is defied with the “Juice Skin” trend – we explain what’s behind it.

The effects of heating air, cold temperatures and the wrong care products are made clear to us at the latest when we look in the mirror: Our skin looks pale and anything but fresh, especially in the winter months. The beloved radiance and a plump skin feeling that we may still know from summer is gone. But a solution is near: With the so-called “Juice Skin” trend from Korea, we reactivate the glow of our skin in just five steps.

This is how the “juice skin” trend works

1st step: Exfoliate the skin

The aim of the trend is to bring the skin into a perfect oil-water balance. For this, a proper foundation must first be created by exfoliating your skin once a week. This removes old skin cells and your skin is more receptive to subsequent care.

2nd step: double cleaning

One mistake most of us make when cleaning is reaching for products like micellar water or cleansing wipes. Why? They’re just too aggressive. Although they remove make-up, they also remove important skin proteins. It is therefore better to start with a gentle cleansing lotion that does not foam and is oil-based. In a second step, you can then use a water-based foaming product.

Step 3: Toners

Those of us for whom the toner already has a permanent place in our daily beauty routine know about its positive properties: it clarifies, balances the pH value and optimally prepares the skin for subsequent care. It is understandable that the toner also has a high priority in the “juice skin” trend. The handling is relatively simple: Depending on the product, you spray your toner on the skin or apply it with a cotton pad. Our tip: For the ultimate glow, your toner should contain hyaluronic acid and collagen.

Step 4: Serum

Admittedly, the ampoule is small and seems kind of puny – but appearances are deceptive. Behind this is a highly concentrated care power for our skin, which we urgently need in the cold season. However, a little research is required here. In any case, the serum should be individually adapted to your skin needs. For example, if your skin tends to develop small pimples, choose a serum with salicylic acid, sulfur, phytic acid and farnesol. For dull skin, a serum with vitamin C provides the ultimate boost of freshness.

5th step: Final care

Similar to cleaning, the final care is applied in two steps. First you apply a cream that hydrates the skin, moisturizes from the inside and also contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory complexes. In a second step you seal your skin – this makes your “Juice Skin” durable and gives you a glow for the whole day. This is best done with an oil-based moisturizer that is non-comedogenic. These products usually have a lighter texture or contain less fatty oils to prevent the appearance of annoying blackheads (comedones).


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