John Travolta Mourns ‘Look Who’s Talking’ Co-Star Kirstie Alley: ‘One Of The Most Extraordinary Relationships I’ve Had’


John Travolta Mourns ‘Look Who’s Talking’ Co-Star Kirstie Alley: ‘One Of The Most Extraordinary Relationships I’ve Had’ +2023

John Travolta is mourning the loss of his co-star and close friend Kirstie Alley, who died after a battle with cancer. She was 71. After Alley’s children confirmed the sad news of her death A spate of tributes from Hollywood soon followed on social media yesterday (December 5), including a heartfelt post from Travolta, who recalled the “special” actress who starred alongside him in Three Look who’s talking movies.

Travolta posted two photos of Alley to Instagram yesterday, the first of which shows the actress posing in a white dress with a pearl necklace around her arm as she stares at the camera. The second picture shows Alley and Travolta grinning at each other as she puts her arm over his shoulder.

“Kirstie was one of the very special ones Relationships I’ve ever had,” Travolta wrote in the caption of his post. “I love you Kirstie. I know we will meet again.”

Travolta also shared a clip of Look who’s speaking now to his Instagram story. In the short video, he and Alley dance to an orchestra in a dreamy scene that ends with a kiss.

Alley and Travolta starred in three roles Look who’s talking Movies in total, starting with Look who’s talking 1989 followed by Look who is also speaking (1990) and Look who’s speaking now (1993). In the first film, Alley plays Mollie, a single mother who gets into a cab during labor but falls in love with her driver, James (Travolta), and raises their baby with him.

Alley said she formed a strong and enduring relationship with Travolta while working on the film franchise, but told Howard Stern in 2013 that the two kept things platonic because they were married to other people at the time — her to exes -Husband Parker Stevenson and him to the late Kelly Preston.

“It took me years to not consider John a romantic interest,” she said, per personsbefore telling Stern that Travolta was “the greatest love of my life.”

In a separate interview in a 2018 episode Podcast by Dan WootenAlley said she and Travolta are “fun and fun together” and admitted “I actually fell in love with him and stayed in love with him for a long time,” per persons.

Despite this, Alley said any romantic relationship between the two would have been passionate but brief, explaining, “John and I would have bonded because John and I are so alike. It would be like two shining stars just fizzled out.”

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