Jimmy Kimmel shoots Herschel Walker on Georgia election day: ‘Planned Parenthood Client of the Year’ +2023

Jimmy Kimmel marked yesterday’s Georgia Senate runoff by tearing up Republican nominee Herschel Walker, who is fighting incumbent Raphael Warnock in a quickly memorable campaign. The late-night host who turned Walker up in his latest punchline Jimmy Kimmel LiveShe used last night’s monologue to add a few more punches to the candidate, with jokes that practically wrote themselves.

“Walker spent the day doing one last nudge, which is unusual for him,” Kimmel said. “Usually during the final push, he’s at a waffle house miles from the hospital, telling a waitress that she might be the one.”

Noting Walker’s past in the NFL, Kimmel told his audience, “While he’s a well-loved local football hero, Herschel Walker didn’t exactly pique the passion of Republican voters,” before pointing out Walker’s actions that somewhat contradict his platform easy.

“Family values? He’s a domestic serial offender with more kids than a Dave & Busters on a Saturday lunchtime. … For life? He was Planned Parenthood’s client of the year, I think,” Kimmel said. “Pro law enforcement? He lied because “He was a cop, an FBI agent, he exaggerated his non-existent military service. Pro-business? He claimed his chicken factory employed 800 people. It employed eight people.”

After citing a seemingly endless series of examples, Kimmel said that regardless of the results of the Georgia election, he will miss the endless fodder Walker provided for his late-night show.

“As someone who puts on a show every night, I find it sad that Herschel Walker won’t be in front of the camera every day. Whatever happens tonight, I just want to say it’s been a wild ride, thanks,” Kimmel said, before doing “a lengthy recap of one of the most entertaining Senate campaigns in the history of this country.”

Kimmel’s montage with the soundtrack to Sarah McLachlan’s ‘I Will Remember You’ contained some of Walker’s most memorable flaws – including his enigmatic vampire line mocked by Whoopi Goldberg The view. See it all for yourself in the video above.

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