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Jesse James Bonnie Rotten

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JesseJames has responded to his wife’s filing for divorce by filing court documents demanding that she be evicted from his Texas home, TMZ reports. The outlet claimed that divorce documents obtained Dec. 9 also say 53-year-old Jesse wants his 29-year-old wife. Bonnie Rott – who is currently five months pregnant with their child – is not allowed to use a motor vehicle he owns while the divorce proceedings are ongoing. Jesse’s submission came three days after Bonnie, whose birth name is Alena hicksShe moved back into their shared apartment and then filed the divorce papers.

Bonnie filed for divorce on Tuesday, December 6, having originally filed on December 1. She originally filed court documents to end the five-month marriage, believing Jesse had been unfaithful to her. However, the reality star and mechanic denied any such wrongdoing. “Baby I didn’t cheat on you I swear!!” he labeled his Instagram Answer.

Jesse James Bonnie Rotten
Jesse James and Bonnie Rotten walking down the aisle in June 2022 (Photo: Shutterstock)

“I’m sorry we got into an argument,” continued the CEO of Jesse James Firearms Unlimited. “I’m sorry I called you a ‘retard’ when we were fighting. I know this only made you angrier and did nothing to improve the situation. It was out of line and childish and immature. I’m sorry I did that. please know I never thought of cheating on you. I never tried to cheat on you. I never felt the need to cheat on you. You’re the only one I want, forever.”

On Monday, December 5th, Bonnie announced that she accepted Jesse’s apology. “Yes I filed for divorce…the next day I filed a no suit to stop the divorce,” she continued Instagram back then. “I love Jesse so much and was very hurt by what I saw while searching his phone. In his defense, and the reason I’m back home, is that she didn’t say anything inappropriate.”

“He wasn’t talking about having sex or dating anyone. That’s why I’m here working on the marriage that I believe in,” she continued. “Everything was so out of proportion that it didn’t have to go. … I want some peace during this time while I work on my relationship with my husband. There is nothing more. I’m pregnant and I want to be able to focus on it without the stress of the outside world making it difficult to have a healthy pregnancy.”

The bliss between Jesse and the former adult film star clearly didn’t last. Jesse’s loyalty has been questioned numerous times over the years, and he even admitted to cheating on the Golden Globe winner Sandra Bullock during their five-year marriage. What’s more, during an interview in 2017, he admitted he had no regrets about his infidelity. “Yes I cheated on my wife, yes I stood up and took responsibility for it and apologized. And that’s the end of the story,” he said Daily Mail. “In general, both women and men cheat. It’s part of life.”

Before Sandra, Jesse was married Karl James between 1991 and 2002 and up Janine Lindemulder from 2002 to 2004. After Sandra and before Bonnie, he walked him down the aisle Alexis DeJoria In 2013.

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