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Being a new parent is one of the hardest things to do! Jennifer Lawrence shared some of her concerns while speaking to her Viola Davis for a brand new Actors on Actors discussion for diversity, published on Wednesday 7 December. Jennifer, 32, who welcomed her first child in February, revealed she often questions herself when spending time with her son Cy, 9 months. “Every day as a mother I feel terrible. I feel guilty,” she said.

Jennifer also revealed some of the questions she asks herself when bonding with her baby boy. “Is that what he wants to do? shall we be outside we are outside What if he gets sick? shall we be inside Is that enough? Does that develop your brain enough?” she acted it out. “Is that a milestone or is that a bad sign?”

That silver linings Playbook star shared a more specific case where she felt like her son wasn’t making sounds she expected. “I was worried that my son would start saying ‘cow’ instead of ‘duh-duh.’ I thought that was the back of the throat. This is not the front. That’s not the front of the mouth,” she quipped. “Who do I call to calm me down and not leave, hmm?”

Jennifer goes for a walk with her son. (ZapatA/MEGA)

Viola, 57, assured Jennifer that being incredibly concerned for the well-being of her children is a completely normal part of motherhood, and she shared her own story of a time when she was deeply concerned for her daughter genesis and made a scene in a Target parking lot. “I locked my kid in the car for like three minutes,” she began in a different way clip. “It was scorching hot outside. I was overwhelmed. I had 50 million things on my plate. My daughter was in the back. She is happy. All of that and I’m just so stressed out about going to Target.

She explained that when she got to Target, she got out of the car to find she had locked her keys in the car and continued screaming in the parking lot. “I threw myself on the concrete, Jennifer. I threw myself into the parking lot. It was built. I shouted. You’d think I was in a Greek tragedy. ‘My baby, Jesus,'” she said. That fences star revealed she found two men she asked for help who told her to call 911 and she said she yelled at the operator using “everything bad language” and luckily they were able to help her quickly, her rescue daughter from car

Jennifer and Viola spoke about motherhood for an Actors on Actors panel for Variety. (Alexi Lubomirski for Diversity)

Viola went on to say she also had trouble calming down after the episode and only took a few “mindless walks” in Target, but a friend told her it’s all part of being a mother. “I called my friend Michelle and said, ‘Michelle is what it means to be a mom?’ She said, ‘Viola, I’m sorry, but yes, it is,'” she said.

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