Jay Leno Jokes About His ‘New Face’ After Burn Injuries: ‘Better Than What Was Before’ +2023

Jay Leno remains positive after suffering third degree burns to his face, chest and hands and even jokes about the incident a month later. Leno, who was injured in a gasoline fire when one of his cars erupted on November 13, wrote a column The Wall Street Journal Sunday (December 11) where he thought about his accident and cracked a few jokes.

Leno was hospitalized for his burns and treated at the Grossman Burn Center, where he underwent skin grafts and was treated in a hyperbaric chamber. After 10 days in hospital, the comedian was discharged with some visible scars, as seen in a photo he posed with staff on the day of his return.

Looking back on the experience in the diary, Leno wrote: “Eight days later I had a brand new face. And it’s better than what came before.”

Then he took a more serious tone and remarked, “But really, it was an accident, that’s all. Anyone who works with their hands regularly will eventually have an accident. When you play soccer, you get a concussion or a broken leg. Everything you do, there is a risk factor.”

the previous Tonight show star continued, “You have to joke about it. There’s nothing worse than tearful celebs. If you joke about it, people laugh along with you.”

Leno has been transparent throughout his recovery process, confirming the reports of his injury from the start by telling it diversity, “I sustained some serious burns from a petrol fire. i’m ok It will only take me a week or two to get back on my feet.” During the treatment, he allowed Inner Edition filming him in a hyperbaric chamber and his doctor also shared updates on his progress before Leno was released.

Weeks after the incident, Leno was back on stage, where he made his stand-up return at the Comedy Magic Club in Hermosa Beach, California in late November. entertainment tonight reported at the time that Leno joked about his injuries during his set and was “in a good mood” that night.

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