‘It’s awfully clear’ – fans turn the tables on Kanye West as they switch sides to support Taylor Swift for the longtime beef +2023

After two months of constant anti-Semitic controversy, Kanye West has finally hit rock bottom in his erratic behavior. The rapper’s account was restored by Twitter’s chief executive officer and people thought he came in peace. Shortly after, the fashion designer started posting comments that he shouldn’t have done after all the blunders and boycotts. He supported Balenciaga’s controversial campaign that featured children in sexual bondage clothing.

Hours before his Twitter ban, West revealed he would never turn his back on the brand. He said people were overreacting and their protest wasn’t going to end all child trafficking. Ultimately, his statement left people disgusted and outraged, and angered many of his fans with wild tweets. Now fans are turning the tables and switching sides in support of Taylor Swift for the longtime beef.

Fans are dumping Kanye West after his endless trail of anti-Semitic remarks

Pop Crave recently posted a tweet about how Yes’s ongoing controversies are affecting his fanbase. The post explained, “Subreddit officially splits from rapper” and many even felt bad for mistreating Taylor Swift to support Kanye West.

The former Yeezy owner’s fans that they are now changing his subreddit to the Grammy winner. Also, a fan posted that he used to despise the Midnights singer when she had a fight with Ye.

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“I sort of regret now that I like some of their music and it’s awfully clear that Kanye is a horrible person.” read the post. While others said the Atlanta-born star was wrong all along and it’s bad, they didn’t realize it sooner.

Meanwhile, Kanye West is currently banned from Twitter after speaking about Adolf Hitler during his speech Looks on Infowars. “I also see good things in Hitler” he said to Jones as he wore a black mask that completely covered his face.

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What do you think? Is this the final goodbye for Twitter’s Donda singer? Let us know your views in the comments section and stay tuned for more updates.

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