Itchy scalp in winter: reasons and tips +2023

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3 reasons for dry and itchy scalp in winter

Itchy scalp: a woman's head from above

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In winter, we often suffer from dry and itchy scalps. We reveal 3 common causes and what care is really necessary in the cold season.

Skin and hair suffer a great deal in winter: Above all, the change between the cold air outside and the dry, warm heating air inside affects them. No wonder, then, that we suffer more from dry or itchy scalps during the cold season.

3 common causes of itchy scalp in winter

Often our care routine is not entirely innocent when the scalp feels dry or itchy. Above all, we often make these 3 mistakes:

1. We wash our hair too often

Even if daily hair washing is part of the routine for many people, in many cases we are not doing our hair any good – especially not in winter. This is how we dry out the skin layer on the head faster. And this in turn leads not only to itching, but also to the fact that the body produces more fat. The hair becomes greasy again more quickly – which is often the beginning of a vicious circle, because we have the feeling that we have to wash our hair again straight away. If you have uncomplicated hair that is neither too greasy nor too dry, washing it twice a week is usually sufficient.

2. We treat the scalp and hair too roughly

Gentle handling of the scalp protects against dry patches and itching. Especially when the scalp is already sensitive in winter and tends to dryness, we should not irritate it further, by rubbing them roughly with a towel, for example. Better: Gently squeeze the moisture out of the hair strands with the towel from top to bottom.

3. We blow-dry too hot

Sure, sometimes it has to be done quickly and then the highest blow-dryer setting might be just what we need so that the hair dries faster. In the long run, however, we strain our skin and hair because the artificial heat removes moisture from both. The result: dry and brittle hair and a scalp that tends to itch. The gentlest way is to let your hair air dry. If this is not possible, it is better to avoid the higher blow-dryer settings and always hold the blow-dryer about 20 centimeters away from your hair when drying.

Even more protection for the hair

The shampoo can also play a significant role if the scalp is often tight and itchy in the cold season. Because certain ingredients, for example Silicones or parabens, but also artificial perfumes can irritate the skin in case of doubt and cause itching. According to “Ökotest”, organic quality shampoos that do not contain such ingredients are particularly convincing.


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