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These days we have our radar super activated to sign those clothes with which to shine at Christmas. This is the quintessential time of year for sequins, glitter, feathers, colors like red, gold or silver… So we’re creating our own Christmas collections to have our closets full of those garments to rock. in the lunches, dinners and events that are taking place these days. In our search, we have felt a real crush on flared leggings from El Corte Inglés which is ideal for creating beautiful and elegant outfits at these parties.

Nuria Roca will wear out the openwork sweater from El Corte Inglés that best suits a midi skirt and ankle boots

As you know, leggings are one of our favorite pieces of the season. It’s about some pants that stylize to the maximum, which are comfortable and have infinite possibilities when it comes to combining them. So we had proposed to get some with Christmas touches to be able to wear them on these dates and shine with them. We have come across these that we tell you about El Corte Inglés that have made us fall in love with each of their details. Look at them and keep reading because below we are going to tell you all the virtues of him.

El Corte Inglés Leggings
The English Court (REF-001029560296245)

The first thing that caught our attention these leggings from El Corte Inglés available for €39.99, has been its color and its details of brightness. Black is always a yes when thinking about sophisticated looks, and it is also one of the colors that stylizes the most. In these leggings you have to add the details of brightness that it has. Some brightness that, far from being exaggerated or overloading these pants too much, they are subtle and elegant because they are present in their fair measure.

Who do flared leggings look good on?

And what about its shape? Flared pants are the top trend this season, and Christmas is a perfect time so that you dare with the bell if you have not already done so. This shape is characterized by being tight up to the knees and opening progressively from there.

When it comes to getting flared leggings, you have to keep in mind that this shape feel good to all As Piluka de Echegaray, our personal image expert, stylist and fashion consultant, tells us, bell-bottoms “have two magnificent actions: the first is to make narrower your hips and thighs (since the wider it is at the bottom, the narrower the upper part will be seen), and the second will be not to reveal what shape are your cufflinks”.

How to combine flared leggings from El Corte Inglés

Taking all these issues into account, the glitter leggings from El Corte Inglés are a real signing. Furthermore, they are very easy to combine. We tell you about the tips that our stylist gave us a few days ago to wear leggings in an elegant and uncomplicated way that can be applied to these Christmas seasons.

  • Combine them with wardrobe basics. One of the best tips we can share with you is to combine leggings with basic and timeless garments. Wear them with blazers, oversized shirts, trench coats or straight-cut coats. We already imagine these from El Corte Inglés with a white blouse.
  • Take care of the accessories. The next fundamental point to consider is the power of accessories. All you have to do is add a bag, sunglasses and maxi earrings to your look to completely elevate (and transform) it.
  • Wear them with heeled shoes. If you want to wear your leggings in a night look or for a more special occasion, combine them with high-heeled shoes and that way you will also stylize your figure more if it fits.
  • If you want to go on planes, Bet on ballerinas or moccasins. They are the most elegant and sophisticated types of footwear and with these leggings they will look great.
  • Use monochrome looks. Of course, the total black will be a sure hit. In this case, wearing a blazer jacket of the same color and also with a shine will give an ideal result.

Basic look idea with the flared leggings from El Corte Inglés

Next we leave you a look proposal so you can see how a white blouse, high-heeled shoes and earrings are more than enough to have a great look with these flared leggings.

Look with leggings from El Corte Inglés
  • Blouse from El Corte Inglés, REF-001029320204687 and costs €26.99
  • Zara high heelsREF-2227/910 and cost €25.95
  • Trepillé earrings, round leaves model and cost €69
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