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Bread, here are some of the indulgent pleasures favored by the vast majority. However, despite how delicious it is, this delicacy becomes the great enemy when starting a diet. Knowing that it is essential in a balance dietMercadona is sweeping with its latest creation: a few slices of toasted bread with a high level of protein and fewer hydrates that has become the perfect option for all those who adore this delicacy but at the same time do not want to feel “guilt”.

The Mercadona fried egg that causes repulsion: the RRSS react to the new product of the supermarket chain

Whether for breakfast, as an accompaniment to meals or as an after-hours snack, bread always tempts us with its delicious flavor (more so if we buy it in an artisan bakery). Now the supermarket chain arrives with the intention of destroying it and presents a low-carbohydrate bread.

The perfect bread for athletes

It is Hacendado Toasted Bread + Proteins, a product that is low in carbohydrates as its formula includes a mixture of flours and vegetable proteins such as sesame or sunflower seeds. Sliced ​​and toasted, its ingredients include a mix of flour and vegetable proteins (38%), wheat gluten, flax seeds (15%), sesame (7%), sunflower seeds (7%), olive oil extra virgin, yeast and salt.

Mercadna Protein Bread 02

With a total of 46.5 grams of protein, this new product is perfect for a keto diet or for all those who train in the gym. They sell it in a 200-gram package and it costs 2.45 euro.

Photos | Martha DzedyshkoMercadona

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