Is Meghan Markle planning to (re)join Instagram with new docuseries on the way? +2023

The UK royal family has always kept a tight watch on its members on social media. Each’s existence on global platforms has always been carefully curated upon their entry into the family as a senior royal. That’s what happened to the former American actress-turned-Duchess of Sussex after marrying the Duke, Prince Harry. To maintain imperial status in front of subjects, Meghan Markle shut down her Instagram account following her engagement to Prince Harry.

Now that the pair have distanced themselves from the royals, they’re living quite a life on their own terms. From surprising fans with unexpected appearances on dates to adding spark to the street grocery shopping, they’ve been refreshingly open with their fellow citizens. There are even rumors that the Duchess may be returning to social media soon.

Meghan Markle returns to Instagram as an influencer

Earlier this year, in August, Meghan Markle actually opened up about her return to Instagram. The mother of two sat down with me The cutShe dropped a top-secret quip: “I’ll get back to you…on Instagram“. Though many of us thought Markle was just feeding one of her countless troll rumors, it actually seems to be coming true. All of this sounds all the more certain as a new gossip report also points to the return of the Duchess.

Known as the most legitimate celebrity gossip account, Deuxmoi took it on to share the news. The blind article site Revealmoi showed an email sent to an anonymous ID with a crown emoji. The message on the post read: “This famous ginger’s significant other will soon be featured on social media.It further instructed her to turn on influencer mode, like She already accepts PR.

Insiders at the Gossip account added that the fashion account they work for just got a nice email. Word has reportedly got around that they can now send her stuff that wasn’t previously allowed. Although Markle hasn’t been explicitly mentioned anywhere, people firmly believe it’s none other than the Duchess. After the closure of her Archetypes podcast, this would be her next digital public appearance as an influencer.

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Amid the rumors of a second season and controversial docuseries, this could be just another major blow to those at Buckingham. Would you follow Meghan Markle?

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