Is Katherine Heigl really a brunette? (What is Firefly Lane Star’s natural hair color?) +2023

Firefly Lane is one of the best drama series on Netflix and there’s just no arguing about that. It’s about two best friends, Tully and Kate, who, having met as teenagers in the 70’s, remain inseparable well into their 40’s. Katherine Heigl and Sarah Chalke play the leads, and everyone loves the chemistry between the two talented actresses.

The drama series spans thirty years and explores the beginning of Tully and Kate’s friendship as they were teenagers through middle age. Because Tully and Kate are completely opposites in every way, they have several arguments during their friendship. But what matters is that they always find each other again in the end. Well, they usually solve their problems, but I don’t know how things will play out for them in the second and final season. Fingers crossed they remain close friends by the end of the show.

Well, if you were a fan of Katherine Heigl before Firefly Lane, you were probably shocked to see her brunette hair in the drama series. She usually has blond hair. For example, the previous characters she played were all blonde, like Izzie Stevens in Grey’s anatomyAlison Scott in knocked openJane Nichols in 27 dressesand Abby Richter in The Ugly Truth. Did she dye her hair brunette for the Tully role? What is her natural hair color? Read on because we’ve answered these burning questions.

Firefly Lane: Is Katherine Heigl really a brunette?

Yes and no. The beautiful actress appeared on the talk show The conversation in February 2021 to promote the first season of Firefly Lane and mentioned that she changed her hair color because she “wanted to honor the book the show is based on and keep it as true to the story as possible.” In case you didn’t know, the drama series is based on the book of the same name by Kristin Hannah. Heigl’s character in the novel is brunette, so she wanted to keep the same hair color for the series.

Heigl has dyed his hair dark brown Firefly Lane Season 1 as reported by Cosmopolitan. The process took three hours. However, it looks like she also wore a wig in the first season for the scenes set in the 80’s.

To the Firefly Lane In Season 2, Heigl chose not to dye her hair brunette for the role. She wears several different brunette wigs throughout the second season instead of actually dying her hair.

What is Firefly Lane star Katherine Heigl’s natural hair color?

Corresponding Us Magazine, Heigl is a natural blonde. This isn’t exactly surprising as she has always sported blonde hair in films, TV shows and in her personal life. I mean, even her son’s hair is naturally blonde. That’s the evidence.

Be sure to stream Firefly Lane Season 2 onwards Netflix.

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