Instamatic By Color Touch

The new series of Wella hair dye. Pastels and light colors. You can get great results mixing with different hair color.

Mixing Recommendation

Like a colour filter, Matte Gloss delivers a diffused colour finish that varies according to the hair colour it’s applied on.

Mix 1 : 1 with 1.9 % – 4% COLOR TOUCH EMULSION (30g INSTAMATIC + 30g of 1.9 % – 4 % COLOR TOUCH).


Apply on dry hair and develop for 5–20 min depending on the desired intensity

When development is complete, add some lukewarm water and gently emulsify. Rinse thoroughly with water.

Wash hair once with Wella Professionals Brilliance

To neutralize oxidation residues and stabilize color, we recommend Wella Professionals Color Post Treatment.



Pink Dream

Ocean Storm

Jaded Mint

Smokey Amethyst

Muted Mauve

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