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Tina Turner broke her silence about the death of her and Ike Turners Son, Ronny Turner. Ronnie died on December 8 and Tina, 83, issued a statement about the tragedy. “Ronnie, you left the world way too soon,” she shared on Friday, the day news of Ronnie’s death broke. Tina shared a black and white photo of her with her eyes closed her Instagram, a means for them to express their sadness. “In sorrow I close my eyes and think of you, my beloved son.”

Ronnie died after medics were called to his home in the San Fernando Valley. TMZ, who first reported the news, noted that the person who called 911 said Ronnie was having trouble breathing before he stopped breathing altogether. Bystanders attempted CPR but Ronnie was reportedly pronounced dead at the scene. Los Angeles County Corner did not initially identify the cause of death HollywoodLife and said the investigation was still ongoing.

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Ronnie’s death was later confirmed by his wife, the French singer Afida Turner. “My God, Ronnie Turner. A true angel. Big soul. highly spiritual. My husband, my best friend. Infant. Your mama, your wet nurse, I did my best to the end, this time I was no[t] able to save you,” she wrote the caption of an Instagram Gallery she posted the day she lost Ronnie. “I’ve loved you for… 17 years, this is very, very, very bad and I’m very angry. This is a tragedy with your brother Craig and your father Ike Turner and Aline rest in paradise… So unfair.”

Ronnie was the youngest child Tina had with her late ex-husband Ike Turner. It was a relationship marred by longstanding allegations of physical abuse. Long after Tina left Ike in 1976, tragedy would strike again. her eldest son, Craig TurnerHe died in 2018 at the age of 59 after taking his own life. Ike died of a drug overdose in 2007 at the age of 76.

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Tina would adopt two of Ike’s children from other relationships – Ike Turner Jr. and Michael Turner. In 2018, Ike Jr. Daily Mail that he hadn’t spoken to his mother since about 2000, FoxNews would report in 2021 that Michael, Ronnie and Ike Jr. were “devastated” when they were mostly left out of the HBO Max documentary, Tine.

Tina retired from performing in 2009. She gave up her American citizenship in 2013 Washington Postin the same year she married a German music producer Erwin Bach (the post notes that Tina is fluent in German.) In April 2013, she took the oath of Swiss citizenship. By giving up their citizenship, the post notes that she “did not formally renounce her U.S. citizenship under 349(a)(5) Immigration and Nationality Act, but took Swiss citizenship with the intention of losing her U.S. citizenship.”

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