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Emily Ratajkowski

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model Emily Ratajkowski has opened up about her recent drastic weight loss, which has left her down to just 100 pounds. The 31-year-old star spoke candidly about the “really scary” time in her life on the November 29 episode High Low Podcast and revealed stress made her lose so many pounds. “I think trauma lives in the body, that’s been my experience,” she told Host Mia Khalifa. “When I’m really down, I lose so much weight. I had recently dropped to 100 pounds and it was really, really scary.”

The mother-of-one then confirmed that she has gained weight since then. “It’s a huge game changer for me and as I know I’m happy,” she explained. The mother of her openness about her mental state arrived two months after she and her ex-husband and father of their 20-month-old son Sylvester Apollo Bear, Sebastian Bear-McClardShe filed for divorce amid months of breakup rumors. Her newly rejuvenated state of mind also came two weeks after her and the Saturday Night Live alum Peter Davidson have been confirmed as articles.

Emily Ratajkowski
Emily Ratajkowski revealed that stress has caused her to lose a lot of weight, but she has now regained it as her mental health is better (Picture: AWNewYork/Shutterstock)

“After spending Thanksgiving together and then going to the New York Knicks game together, it’s pretty obvious to anyone who knows Pete Davidson that he’s really into Emily Ratajkowski,” said a source who told the 29-year-old year-old comedian is close HollywoodLife NOV 29 ONLY

Pete is so taken with Emily that he sees a long-term future with her HLis insider. “[Pete] talks about [Emily] constantly to his friends and he has told several people that she is the girl of his dreams,” they revealed. “Right now he’s not seeing anyone else, and she told him neither is she. They seem like the perfect couple and are very attracted to each other.”

Pete Davidson Emily Ratajkowski
Pete Davidson and Emily Ratajkowski’s romance is brand new as it was only confirmed in November 2022 (Picture: Michael Simon/Shutterstock)

Pete is Emily’s first known boyfriend since her breakup with Sebastian and is Pete’s first romance since his shocking breakup Kim Kardashian42. Although Pete and Kim once saw a future together, they both seem to have moved on, and Kim is actually happy for Pete, according to another insider HollywoodLife. “Kim has known Emily for a while and she likes that they are dating,” a person close to her Kardashians star revealed HL EXCLUSIVELY. “She thinks it’s cute and she’s really happy that he’s found someone more of his speed and on the same wavelength as him.

They continued, “They live in the same city, are the same age and have worked together on several projects, including the photoshoot they both talked about. She’s heavily immersed in the New York scene, as has he. They know a lot of the same people and hang out in the same crowds, so Kim feels like they’re a good match.”

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