‘I was farting the whole time’ – Celina Myers makes a hilarious admission about meeting Ryan Reynolds at the Streamy Awards +2023

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Some people blush when they meet celebrities, but Celina Myers farted. The TikTok content creator met Ryan Reynolds months ago during the premiere of his film The Adam Project. While she dazzled by telling Reynolds a dad joke, the actress had been keeping an additional secret that she didn’t reveal until the Streamy Awards.

The Streamy Awards were held in Los Angeles on December 2nd. Top streamers and content creators attended the show to accept awards and entertain fans. One of the awards shows was called Confessions, during which Myers made a hilarious confession about meeting Ryan Reynolds.

Celina Myers hilariously confessed her actions when she met Ryan Reynolds

At the Streamy Awards show, many creators have won awards and had fun. Creator Celina Myers was one of them, and she certainly didn’t hold back to add spice to the evening. During a round of Streamy Confessions, the Creator reluctantly stood up and saidThis year I met Ryan Reynolds and I was so nervous that I farted the whole time and I’m farting right now.While she might joke about the incident, her meeting with Reynolds was definitely a highlight for the entertainer this year. During the meeting with the actor, she asked him: “What kind of underpants does a cloud wear?”

The confused 46-year-old couldn’t answer but laughed as Meyrs said: “thunder pants.Myers has a YouTube channel called CelinaSpookyBoo with around 13.2 million followers and 26.5 million followers at the hostel. While the creator gives her videos a spooky Halloween vibe, they’re mostly just entertaining and hilarious. She first rose to fame with her paranormal book The Home Reader: A Paranormal Journey and has since found fame bringing her career to screens.

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The creator shares her talent with Ryan Reynolds, at least when it comes to her sense of humor. Maybe one day the two could work together to make a comic strip. What do you think about it? Let us know in the comments.

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