“I couldn’t do SH**. I had nowhere to go” – Billie Eilish reveals the secret behind changing her vibrant hair color +2023

Many wonderful music artists choose their music to channel their own journey, growth and pain. And Billie Eilish, with 11 Grammys in full glory, is the embodiment of a wonderful music artist. But while she has mastered the art of expressing herself through her songs since the masterpiece Ocean Eyes was released in 2016. But Eilish doesn’t just express herself with soulful lyrics. The Grammy-winner’s influence as a trendsetter was as great as her influence as a singer.

What started out as a nice one slowly evolved into a Ben 10 green. And each color change meant a new era for Billie Eilish and her fans. But in the past year, fans haven’t gotten to see Eilish make a big statement with her hair. The singer stuck to full raven locks on the full blonde. No half-green, half-black looks or bright hair color. This struck the fans as lazy, and they were quick to question Eilish’s mental well-being. But thankfully, Vogue asked her to share her late-night routine, and while not directly, fans got a satisfying answer to their question.

Billie Eilish reveals why she changed her hair color

Contrary to popular belief, Eilish didn’t stop dying her hair because she was going bald. As the singer revealed during her appearance on the Vogue channel, she had to do it for a very important reason. It’s not every day you see someone walking around with dyed green hair resembling that of Ben 10’s car, and that made Eilish a very bad secret Santa in public.

In a crowd that keeps neutral colors on her crown, her green screamed “pop star.” Therefore, to avoid attracting attention when she was out, the singer now keeps her hair neutral.

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It’s much easier for me to go out into the world and be a normal person with what is, for me, a normal hair color,” The singer said.

Eilish has been candid about how fame has impacted privacy, which she treasured. Therefore, she didn’t mind letting go of bright hair colors for it. While we miss the surprise Eilish’s hair brought, if Eilish says so, black is the new green.

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