How to style curly hair, according to a pro


How to style curly hair, according to a pro +2023

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  • Learning how to style curly hair is key.
  • Wavy, spiral and curly hairstyles require special techniques and products.
  • Hairstylists share their tips on styling curly hair to keep you looking your best.

Having curly hair brings me such joy. The bouncy curls indicate my big personality, but I didn’t always know how to care for them. Years ago I had no idea about all the unwritten rules for curly hair. Like how you should use a particular shampoo to cleanse your tresses. I also didn’t know why brushing curly hair is bad or that certain towels can disrupt your curl pattern — and that’s just the beginning. Not to mention that the bids also vary depending on the curl type. Styling tips for wavy hair are very different from those for wavy and curly textures.

That’s why we consulted the curl experts at Devachan Salon in New York City to create a beginner’s bible for curls. Stylist Eladia Lebron gave three curly-haired editors a makeover and shared her top tips for caring for each hair type. This comprehensive guide explains everything from how to use conditioner properly to how to plop your curls, which is a breakthrough drying technique. And best of all, these hair tips will help you get the best hair of your life without having a curling iron in sight.

To learn how to style your curly hair once and for all, select your hair type from the list below or keep scrolling to read all the pro tips and tricks.

How to style:

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