How to know if I have to neuter my dog ​​or cat with the new Animal Welfare Law +2023

The Animal Welfare Law comes to improve the quality of life of our furry ones to the maximum, avoiding prohibited pets or controlling the breeding of dogs and cats with a registry. But also has something to say about neutering pets and if you have a house this interests you.

Your dog could have to wear a muzzle from now on if it does not pass this test, according to the Animal Welfare Law

The objective of the new animal law is to control the birth rate and leave it in the hands of professionals registered in an animal husbandry registry. This is not a whim, it is very important to avoid unwanted litters (the second cause of abandonment in Spain) Y reduce the number of dropouts and death of animals.

animal welfare law neuter

If you are not registered in the breeders registry, you will have to comply with the law, which indicates that you must neuter your pets if they have access to the outside of the houses and they can come into uncontrolled contact with other animals, being able to cross. This is what the law says:

“Adopt the necessary measures to avoid the uncontrolled reproduction of companion animals. Animals that are kept or have access to the outside of the homes and may have uncontrolled contact with other animals must be sterilized.”

animal welfare law neuter

In addition, both dogs and cats must be neutered before change of owner, either through sale or an animal protector that gives them up for adoption. In the event that they are puppies and have not reached six months of age, a later sterilization commitment must be signed (except if they are going to be used for breeding).

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