How Ryan Gosling invited legal trouble out of Michigan for making a movie “similar” to legendary Vin Diesel’s Fast and Furious franchise +2023

Ryan Gosling first became known on the Disney show when he was 13 years old The Mickey Mouse Club. Following this children’s favorite series, the Canadian artist climbs the ladder of success in the entertainment industry. During the 2004 romance drama The notebook brought him immense fame and critical acclaim. The 42-year-old star has appeared in several blockbuster films of different genres and established his image as a versatile actor.

His famous roles include Sebastian Wilder in la la country and Jacob Palmer in crazy stupid love. The actor has received various awards and two Oscar nominations. Fans have never seen a film Goslings was cast in that wasn’t a commercial success. However, he once got legal troubles out of Michigan for making a movie “similar” to the legendary Vin Diesel franchise Fast and Furious

Ryan Gosling might never have imagined that a lawsuit would come over his film

Back in 2011, The Hollywood Reporter The shocking news that a Michigan woman has sued FilmDistrict over a misleading trailer. The report revealed that a lady named Sarah Deming filed a cast against the film journey with Ryan Gosling. She claimed that the trailer offers Fast and Furious-style thrills and pretends to viewers.

journey bore very little resemblance to a car chase or racing action film … with very little driving in the film,” the lawsuit states.

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In addition, the Michigan woman sought compensation and demanded that the trailer be stopped because it has misleading content. However, all of these claims were unfounded and the case was dismissed. Even fans disagreed with Deming’s allegations because they liked the film.

More than a decade ago journey was released with a bang and attracted a lot of attention from viewers. The review was amazing like IMDB Rating of the film 7.8 stars out of 10 and Rotten tomatoes approved the film with a rating of 93%. The film thrived, earning $81.4 million at the box office, which was a huge hit with a budget of $15 million. Fans loved the acting of Ryan Gosling, who played the role of a Hollywood stunt driver.

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