How Much to Tip for Beauty Services: A Guide +2023

Hair salons and figuring out how much to tip for a haircut can be tricky. With just one visit, you can be seen by four people as you get your hair washed, cut, colored and styled. In these cases, “you should tip 20 percent of the price of each individual service,” says Jessica Barsamian, CEO of The Belgrade Group. Barbers and scourers should also be tipped, but $5 to $10 is enough to show your gratitude for their work.

There is one exception to the 20 percent rule. “Depending on how many processes you get during a color treatment, they can all add up and it can get very expensive,” says Carolyn Aronson, CEO and Founder of It’s a 10 hair care. In those cases where the bill is about $400 or more, she said it’s okay to tip a little less, such as B. 15 percent.

The same goes for tipping barbers — 20 percent for a satisfying visit is always great.

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