How many children does Katherine Heigl have? +2023

Katherine Heigl has been in the spotlight for almost two decades, so we found out a little about her three kids, Naleigh, Adalaide, and Joshua. The actress has given fans a glimpse of her growing family life, from her and husband Josh Kelley’s adoption of Naleigh in 2009 to the birth of Joshua in 2016. All three children are regulars on Heigl’s social media as they share cute pictures Splits. funny videos and captions and thoughtful posts about what it means to be a mom and a family.

As her children grow older, Heigl previously said an interview in 2021, they increasingly had questions about their birth stories. “We told them, ‘This is your story. We don’t have any information about your birth fathers, but we do have a little bit about your birth mothers. If you want to talk more about them, you can do as much or as little information as you like. Tell us what you would like to know,” she said.

If you’re curious to learn more about her family, now’s your chance – read on to learn more about all three of her children!

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