How many children does Christina Ricci have? +2023

Christina Ricci is a proud mother of two, and her youngest has just reached a major milestone: her first birthday. “This little dream baby turns 1 today!!!!” The ‘Wednesday’ star captioned a photo of daughter Cleopatra Ricci Hampton draped in a striped sweater and crocheted hat. “She is a gift from the universe. Opened our hearts wide again.” Ricci’s husband, famed hairstylist Mark Hampton, shared his excitement in a post of his own Instagram. “A lap around the sun! What a year,” he captioned a photo of himself and Cleo curled up outside.

In addition to her daughter Cleo, Ricci has an 8-year-old son, Freddie Heerdegen, whom she shares with ex-husband James Heerdegen. In a September interview with persons, Ricci said that Freddie was “really helpful” to Cleo and was a fantastic big brother to his little sister. “He can help me make a bottle. He can help me with her in the bath. It’s really great,” she said, adding that she sometimes pays Freddie to watch Cleo “20 minutes at a time in her little playpen.” “There wasn’t much sibling jealousy or anything like that. That was a great relief.”

While Ricci keeps her kids out of the spotlight, parts of her Instagram page — and Hampton’s — are flooded with photos of Cleo, as well as the occasional photo of her son. She even shared videos of baby Cleo gargling, sleeping and picnicking with her dad.

Learn more about Ricci’s kids and preview cute photos of their family.

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