How did Meghan Markle’s close friend Jessica Mulroney react to the docuseries? +2023

That Harry & Megan Documentaries have had varying side effects on those closely associated with them. While various acquaintances and friends of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have taken open positions in the documentary itself, many have preferred to keep controversy at bay. A similar turn of events seems to be catching media attention. In the three hour-long episodes of the Netflix blockbuster, many of the duo’s individual friends had their say in the discussion. However, a long-lost best friend of Meghan Markle, Jessica Mulroney, was not one of them.

Ahead of the 2018 royal wedding, the suits The actress was known for being best friends with her designer Jessica Mulroney. Although the duo always had an on-off relationship early in their careers, they’ve been through thick and thin. Nevertheless, according to current reports, there should have been some tension between the two best friends. Paparazzi have been closely monitoring the stylist’s online activities and have noticed strange behavior on her social media handles.

Jessica Mulroney is reportedly on a detox as Meghan Markle drops Netflix documentaries

Corresponding Daily Mail, Jessica Mulroney, 42, has not engaged in any social media activity since Netflix shut down the docuseries. The second episode of the bombshell docuseries apparently contained a video call clip of the Duchess and her friend. Just before Prince Harry got on his knees to propose to his beloved, Markle was seen exclaiming her feelings to her then-closest friend: “Jess”. “Oh my god Jess, it’s happening!‘ Markle yelled in excitement over the video call.

Despite this, there had been no further engagements between Markle and Mulroney since the 2020 racing series. The stylist recently shared a few words of support for her estranged friend during her palace break. Since then, the media has never seen them hang out together like before. Their friendship took a sour turn when the stylist made some controversial remarks about “white privilege.” The docu-series would reportedly mark a complete fallout between the two.

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