Honeymoon Hair Color Shades, Who Would Suit It?

If you like auburn tones but want to include natural sparkles, honey foam hair color is just for you. Especially if you have naturally light colored hair, it will be very easy for your hairdresser to catch this color. Of course, dark hair can also have honey foam hair after a professional dyeing process.

Honeymoon hair color is an option that brings to mind summer breezes and unique shades of the sun. With this aspect, it can also give a healthy appearance to dull and lifeless hair. Read on to find out what you’re wondering about this hair color, which has been gaining in popularity lately.

honeymoon-hair-styleWhat is the color of honeymoon hair color?

Honeymoon hair color is among the auburn and blonde hair colors. In other words, it is a color very close to ashy brown hair color. But inside there are golden reflections called dore. Thus, it offers a very bright appearance. It makes the hair look healthier and voluminous, especially thanks to the glitters. If you want your hair color to be natural but remarkably bright, you can try honey foam hair color. Honeymoon hair color can be applied to all of your hair or only to the ends and lengths; You can have it applied with techniques such as ombre or balayage.


Honeymoon hair color tones

Just like with other auburn and blonde hair colors, there are different tones you can choose when it comes to the honey foam hair color. Consider your natural hair and skin tones when choosing from honeymoon hair color tones.

Honey blonde is one of the most popular honey foam hair color tones. If you like natural yellow tones, this tone is for you. Let’s not forget that it is especially suitable for fair-skinned people.
Honey brown is a great match for both brunettes and women with auburn and fair skin. We can also say that it resembles chestnut tones with natural honey glows.
It appears when honey shimmers are added to hair colors such as honey brown, chocolate brown, chestnut. It can be used easily in all seasons due to its natural appearance.
Honey caramel is one of the lightest shades among the honey foam hair color tones. It is often preferred because it adapts to all skin types.
Light foamy or shimmery foamy hair color is one of the lightest honey foam tones. Although fair-skinned women prefer it more often, it also suits brunettes very well.
Dark honey foam, on the other hand, is ideal for wheat-skinned women who want to highlight their facial features and eyes.
Honey almond hair color has a little more honey and baby yellow tones. If you have white skin, you can try this tone without thinking.

Who is the honeymoon hair color suitable for?

Honey foam hair color offers a very natural yet remarkable look. It is also a color that you can choose in all seasons. This hair, which is especially suitable for people with light and wheat skin color, can create a unique look for brunettes when applied correctly. If your skin color is dark, you can try honey caramel tones with peace of mind.


Honeymoon Hairstyles

Honey foam hair colors completely change your look and add the difference you are looking for. If you want to change your style, you can consult your hairdresser and try the most suitable shade for you. All hairstyles can match with this hair color. For example, if you are in favor of using short hairstyles, try honeycomb with the ombre technique. If you like long hairstyles, you can make all of your hair into open bubbles.


How should honey foam hair care be?

Like all dyed hair, honey foam hair colors require regular maintenance. If you have this hair color, you should adopt care practices just like natural hair care. First, use a shampoo that moisturizes and nourishes your hair, such as Clear Women Clay Therapy Shampoo. With its clay-containing formula, known as mineral storage, it cleanses your hair from root to tip without weighing it down, giving them silky softness. With its formula containing vitamin B3, it nourishes and revitalizes the scalp.

Then, with care masks and oils, you can ensure that your hair color is always bright and intense, and your hair strands look well-groomed and lively.

The reason why honey foam hair color is widely preferred is that it gives a natural shine to the hair. In order to preserve the color and shine of your hair for a long time, pay attention to your hair care routine. Dye can damage your hair as it is a chemical process. For this reason, it is extremely important that the care products you choose nourish and strengthen your hair. By paying attention to these points, you can have shiny and strong hair.

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