Honest words: Ashley Tisdale talks about patchy hair loss

Honest words: Ashley Tisdale talks about patchy hair loss +2023

Ashley Tisdale Honest words about circular hair loss

Ashley Tisdale

Ashley Tisdale

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Ashley Tisdale suffers from circular hair loss – she now tells this on Instagram and encourages her fans with her honest words.

Through her role as Sharpay in high school musical became Ashley Tisdale, 37, to superstardom overnight. With a huge fan community, the actress is a role model for many young women and men, with 15 million people following her on Instagram alone. This uses the founder of a wellness fire well, to talk about a topic that is still considered taboo in the Hollywood dream factory.

Ashley Tisdale suffers from patchy hair loss

I have suffered from alopecia since my early twentiesgives actress Ashley Tisdale and thus addresses a topic that is often kept secret, especially in the glamor world of Hollywood: circular hair loss. I noticed then that I had a bald spot on my head. I have my hairdresser asked what it could be about. She then told me that I must have alopeciashe says in a video on Instagram.

At that time, the singer did not know what alopecia was all about. So I went to my dermatologist and she officially made the diagnosis again. It is an autoimmune disease that is often triggered by stress, explains Ashley. Although her hair grows back every time, she notes that hair loss increases immensely during stressful times in her life.

“That’s nothing to be ashamed of!”

In the caption, the intention of her honest video is immediately clear. Hair loss is very common. However, many people are too embarrassed to talk about such topics, she writes and goes on to report that hair loss in many cases has an immense effect on self-esteem. It would often be the same for you. That’s why she wants to be very frank about it. Because this topic is nothing to be ashamed of. So if this is something you’re going through right now, you’re not aloneshe concludes on the emotional topic.

Touching reactions from the network

The honest words of high school musical-Stars find instant appeal on the web. Positive comments are piling up under the video, which already has over 700,000 views after just one day. Thank you for being so vulnerable and honest. I suffer from hair loss myself and it feels so good that people are talking about it, commented a follower. Another writes: As a person who has also suffered from patches of hair loss since the age of 19, I can only emphasize how much I appreciate your words! It can be so hard.


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